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Video Marketing

Some years ago, I was in a network marketing company that was very visual.

And even though the house parties and public meetings were very profitable, I was getting more and more frustrated with trying to get people to opportunity meetings everywhere.   I knew I had a great opportunity, and that people would love it, if they could just see it!   But in there lies the conundrum.  I had a great business that was very visual, but how could I show it to people if they had no way to literally “see” it.   I spent several years in that business trying to get people to go to meetings, and grew really frustrated when the price of  gas went up.   It became harder and harder to get people to drive across town to a meeting.  I looked into  Go To Meeting and other broadcasting tools, but at that time I couldn’t afford the payment along with the other expenses I had to pay for my past business. Plus, I wanted something that would not lock people out, when it got to 10 attendees.

After years of frustration and aggravation, I got a call from a business partner.  He told me that he had a business I really needed to see.  Of course, like most marketers, my first thought was… “Okay Dear, what now?” Even though I don’t mind listening to information about other opportunities, his story sounded a lot like the last opportunity he pitched me on. But I knew he was a good guy, so I listened.  This really is a “timing” industry.   Never fear, when someone is frustrated in their current business, they will be much more receptive to hearing about new solutions.

But I am so glad I got that call!  I had a problem, and I didn’t realize at the time that he was offering me a solution.   The business he was telling me about was not launched yet, but the products were already available and totally phenomenal.  My favorite tool they used to show an overview of the business….the video broadcaster.  This is a sample of what I’m talking about…               Click Here to:   WATCH THIS RECORDING!

Broadcast Imager