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Come On… Let’s Cruise Again!

Wow, what a cruise  year!  The bad news… lots of the Southern Caribbean is in repair.  Of course, that will have little affect on people that sleep on the cruise ship….  And for that reason, I personally believe it is better to cruise the Caribbean than do an All-Inclusive on an island right now.  But, we really need to get the tourism up and running in the Southern and Eastern Caribbean.  They need our help.


Right now you can get a quote for a Southern Caribbean cruise for as little as $449 out of Puerto Rico… still!   From San Juan go to Barbados,  St. Lucia,  Antigua,  St. Kitts and St. Thomas!  Check out this   7 Night Southern Caribbean

But if you live in the middle of the US… you probably are looking for something that is closer to home.  Actually, as many places as I have been… I have never cruised out of the New Orleans port.  Planning to try it out in the near future!  What’s cool is it has a pretty decent price as low at $249 to take a 5 night cruise to Mexico.   Check out the New Orleans cruise!

Falmouth, JamaicaFalmouth Jamaica

Jamaica and the rest of the Western Caribbean was barely affected by our recent Hurricane season. So if you want to spend some time on the Western Caribbean… these are prices you can’t ignore!  A 5 Night Western Caribbean cruise as low as $219!  Yes, you read that right.  Look at the  Cheap Western Caribbean Cruises

Cruising is fun no matter where you go… because it’s vacation! And your job is to act like a king or queen!  So, be bold… take some time off from the Rat Race.  Happy cruising!