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The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight!

A doctor once told me that most women who weigh themselves everyday… don’t lose much weight in the long run. Why? He said that weighing yourself is like weighing a glass of water (it seems we are mostly water). When you consider that you are mostly water…what do you think affects your weight the most? You guessed it, how much water you retain. So  every time that little needle on the scale moves forward, you think that you have gained fat!  I suggest weighing in only once a week, if you must weigh in.

Why is it when we lose weight… we call it water weight, but when we gain weight we call it fat? Personally,  I put my scale in the trunk of my car!  That way, I know where it is… but I never go out and get it. Especially in the morning.  It’s a very hard habit to break. But I can tell you that my life really changed when I started using other methods to measure my fat loss.

The reason I’m writing this article is because people are constantly asking me how much weight I lost.  This picture shows that obviously I have changed size.    Honestly, I don’t weigh myself very often. My doctor does every time I go into to see him.  According to him, I have lost 16 lbs.

Unfortunately, you won’t look any smaller with water loss. But when you lose even a pound of will actually take up less space.   So pull out those clothes that are just a little too small… and get to work.  I used Garcinia Cambogia intra-oral spray to make my liver cooperate. The spray absorbs where the pills tend to sit in your stomach.  I know this because I tried the pills once myself years ago.   Learn how Garcinia Cambogia works…  I love Dr. Chin’s way of explaining this.  TEN Channel

My favorite thing is to go shopping for new clothes. If I see something I like, I purposely try on a size smaller and I keep coming back until it fits.  This works really well with jeans. Plus honestly, I think it is more gratifying than anything to get into clothes you couldn’t get in before.

The good news is… there is an extract that comes from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit that actually blocks the production of fat. So your body has to use the fat stores you already have.  Really!  Look at this video by Dr. Chin and Dr. Oz about Garcinia Cambogia.  They will actually show you how the extract blocks the fat production.  The Garcinia Cambogia Video.

Whenever I want to lose weight, I take my  physical measurements. You see most people won’t do that… why?  Maybe the idea is just foreign. Second, I try on clothes that are tight or don’t zip….   If you are like me, you would rather lose the size….  I went down from size 12 to size 8!

Before and Afterou know, I almost passed out when I squeezed into a size S/CH Jones New York dress the other day. OMG… ! Yes, it is in my closet now.  In fact, here is a picture of the tag..yes, I’m proud…  It’s an awesome dress!

photoIf you have more than 20lbs to lose… I would suggest getting your Vitamin D3 level checked to make sure it is at least 45 (out of a 100). Why? Vitamin D3 regulates up to 2000 cells in the body. That is 1/12 the human genome.  You may not know this, but you must be healthy to lose weight.  A vitamin D deficiency can keep you from getting healthy.  It also can set you up for chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  So no matter what ask your doctor’s office what your Vitamin D level is.  They tend to test us and give us pills for this.  77 percent of the people in the US are Vitamin D3 deficient, because we avoid the sun. And you can’t get enough vitamin D from milk.  The doctors quietly test us for Vitamin D…and when we are under the level of 30, they put us on vitamin D pills.    This vitamin affects everything from high-blood pressure, heart disease, breast and colon cancer as well as Lupus and other auto-immune diseases. Unfortunately, because the pills are not very affective, they have to give us a high dose of the pills.  I was on Vitamin D pills for 3 years…and my level never went over 30.  I used the intra-oral Vitamin D3 spray for 60 days and my level went up to 58.  Plus my blood pressure went down 40 points!  No one has to convince me to use the D3 spray. I believe it is a life saver. Being in better health has allowed my body to go back to to it’s original state, I look like a younger person now.

If you don’t sleep through the night, you also may need the Super TEN spray to help you relax.   My daughter says this supplement is what helped her to lose weight. Because your body metabolizes while you are at rest or asleep.  Most people think its when they are working out that they lose weight. But your liver function and rest are the key elements to losing weight.  Plus, without sleep, most people are hungry the whole next day.


If you need energy to work out… you should try the B12 spray.  I carry it with me when I’m walking, just in case I get tired before I make it back home.  And if you are on a diet that is hard to stay on, maybe you are using Weight Watchers on Jenny Craig; I would suggest SLIM for appetite suppression.  It really is great for helping you stay on a diet or even a healthy eating regimen.

The most important way to lose weight is to actually eat real whole food.   Your liver can process foods that it recognizes.  Yet so many women I talk to believe they can fool their bodies into thinking that all they need are shakes, artificial sweeteners, and processed food.  Artificial sweeteners actually will make me crave more food.   And fake food does not fool the body.  Treat your body better than your car…only use real fuel!

In any case, I wish you much success with your fat-loss endeavors.  Just remember, that the key to overall weight loss… is getting healthy!  If you have any questions, this blog sends me a notice if you use the comment feature.

Vicki’s Sugar Free Syrup recipe

This is a really easy recipe I made for homemade sugar free Buttermilk Syrup for pancakes.  Fair warning…. it is addictive.

It is especially addictive if you have not had anything sweet for a while.   Two tablespoons are about 84 calories from my calculations.


Sugar Free Syrup
Sugar Free Syrup

1 cup buttermilk

2 cups  xylitol (Xyla is my favorite)

1/2 stick of unsalted butter

1 teaspoon of baking soda

2 TBSP of real vanilla extract

1 tsp of blackstrap mollasses


Heat all of the ingredients up in a medium pot except for the vanilla…. add the baking soda last because it will foam up.

Bring the mixture to a boil.  The molasses will make it brown in color.  Stir it often.

And you should let it cook  on a low heat for 7 minutes ( it will tend to bubble over if you have the fire

up too high)

You can serve this hot on pancakes (no butter needed…it already has butter in it..) or you can let it

cool down and serve it over hot pancakes..

This syrup is addictive…but best of all it is sugar free and has low calories .  But, if you have cholesterol problems, you might want

to use less butter.

I save this mixture in glass jars with a top after it cools. Than I put it in the refrigerator, so that when we have pancakes again that week, I can just take the top off of it and either set it in hot water or microwave it like you would to melt butter.

This syrup can be served hot or cold.


My Free 5 Day Fast

                         The 3 – 5 Day Fast

  ( This is just an after Cruise or Holiday FAST.  It’s not a Diet)

Please watch the recording for instructions, just click on my image below

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My Free 5 Day FAST
My Free 5 Day FAST

Grocery List for 5 day Fast

I cook my vegetables before I start the Fast.

Basalmic Vinegar
Stevia  (only a dollar a box in General Dollar Store)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil   (basalmic vinegar, 1tsp oil, 1pk of stevia for salad dressing)
real Butter
romaine lettuce
tomatoes (and other salad vegetables)
fresh or frozen vegetables you like

Zucchini, Kale (to saute), carrots,


cabbage    (hot&sour cabbage – 1/4 cup cider vinegar, cayenne, polish turkey sausage chunks(don’t eat them) sweet peppers,sea salt, pepper to taste)
cider vinegar
Hillshire Turkey Polish Sausage (5 grams of fat) for seasoning purposes

fresh green beans

other squashes
spices        such as optional cayenne pepper, cinnamon, onion powder, garlic etc…

sliced lemons for iced tea and seasoning
green tea – I get my decaf green tea at Walmart. Tastes good with stevia.
other assorted teas  (between coffee and tea, tea tastes better with stevia )
half and half (use no more than 1tbsp)

If you start to lose too fast… lack of sleep…more than 1 lb a day…etc.  add a creamed soup concoction (made of butter, half and half, and cut up vegetables of your choice) for breakfast for at least one day.

The Not List

No cheese or milk
No eggs
No processed or artificial foods
absolutely positively no margarine or other artificial oils
No aspartame or Splenda (they are artificial)
No carbs like breads, pasta, corn, potatoes or rice
No restaurant vegetables except salad- (they are usually spiked with sugar, margarine, MSG or too much butter…. you can allow salad at
restaurant; just ask for oil and vinegar then add salt & stevia to taste)
No canned vegetables
No sugar
No fruit
No meat of any kind…just the “juices” for favoring such as broth or smoked turkey to cook with

To dismount from this Fast gracefully…. I would suggest adding those same veggies to your regular diet for a few days or a lifetime.  You will find you eat less junk when you eat more veggies.

I suspect that the health crisis in America centers around the fact that we eat “side” items now instead of vegetables. In the fast food world… french fries, baked potatoes,side salads with fattening processed dressings,  onion rings and now sweet potato fries.  Wouldn’t it be cool if more stores sold green beans on the side.  Ha..they would probably fry them.

Weight Gain During a Cruise

If you vacation as much as I do, sooner or later you start to worry about the pounds that are so easy to pick up during a 7 night cruise or a 4 day all-inclusive. Both activities involve lots of unnecessary eating and foods that you don’t normally have in your pantry.

On this last Southern Caribbean cruise I realized that Chateaubriand is not a normal food menu item in my life. It is really delicious though. I can say that with all honesty, I was not about to pass up trying it on my cruise. Because, really when you think about it, a cruise is all about new experiences and excursions away from your ordinary life.

That being said, there is also a tremendous amount of walking, standing,climbing and sometimes running while on vacation. If you are not doing more than your normal activity level at home, than you really must be totally exhausted when you started your experience. But you know, there is nothing like a beautiful new scenery to motivate you to action. This is one of the pictures from the Southern Caribbean island of St. Maarten.


St. Maarten at Philipsburg
St. Maarten at the beach of Philipsburg

And even though I was not interested in getting into the water when this trip started out, I found myself very tempted to go out in the waves when we got to St. Thomas.

Magens Bay at St. Thomas
Magens Bay at St. Thomas

But I digress. I’m back to the weight that I was before I went on the cruise. And believe it or not, I gained 7 lbs while I was gone. Yes, you said it, one pound for every night of the cruise. Actually considering I ate all meals plus room service, I’m shocked it wasn’t 10. But that goes along with what I’m trying to say. If you are being active while you are eating, you are probably not going to hold on to that extra weight when you get home. Personally I find that the added activity has a lingering affect when I get home. That seems to be an easier time for me to go walking and to the gym. It’s like the vacation conditions you to do more activity during the day.

My advice to you is that you not worry so much about what you are eating, and worry more about what you are doing. If you walk at home normally, you will probably enjoy walking around the track or pool area while you are docked or floating at sea. Personally, being stuck in the gym was not for me. I liked being out with the crowd and walking on the track..fluttering in the pool…etc. But every chance you get, walk on the beach. I promise you, you will get a leg work out like no other. The next day you will notice. Beach sand tends to work out muscles you don’t ordinarily use. And I always have an urge to feel the waves lap up against my ankles.

Then when you get home, go back to your normal eating routine. I didn’t diet when I got home. I just forced myself to eat the amounts and at the times that I normally eat. I have found that if I do this, after two weeks or less, I go right back to my normal weight.

So what am I saying? Stop worrying. Get out there and have some fun!

My New Year’s Resolutions

Every year we struggle with our new goals, our new desires, and our new resolution to make this year is better than last year. I added some new desires this year. The first one is to eat healthier, the second is to become more organized and the third is to make more people happy. The last one I believe is the best. I’ve learned over the years that the more people you make happy, the happier your life becomes. It’s tried and true. Try it yourself!

This year’s eating healthy resolution takes the place of the previous losing weight resolution. After reading many articles on the internet about metabolism, I realized that I fall into a category of people that have a very hard time losing weight. And the reason I can’t lose weight, is really easy to fix. It really comes down to the types of food that I eat trying to lose weight.

I have been mislead like most people that whole wheat and sucralose are going to help me lose weight. But the funny thing is recently I realized that they are hindering my weight loss efforts. How crazy is that? Wheat produces such a blood sugar spike…whether it is whole wheat or not, I could never get a good weight loss roll going. Given that diabetes runs in my family, I decided that maybe I need to start eating a very different diet than the rest of my family. Maybe something without sugar, wheat and artificial foods. I mean the amount of artificial sweetners alone in my diet, was just getting way out of control.

Natural Food that is Good for You My first move was to get rid of artifical sweeteners. I realize there are natural sweeteners like Stevia, erythritol, honey, etc… I decided that packaged stevia was pretty easy to carry and use. However, I hated the aftertaste of Stevia. But I read in a forum that most people have that reaction because it takes 3 to 5 days to reset your tastebuds for sweetness. I believe that, because I didn’t like sucralose either when I first tried it. It grew on me.  Stevia does have a lingering aftertaste to it. But they have added the mild sugar alcohol erythritol to it lately to make it a milder taste. You can even buy the generic stevia blend in your local Krogers now.

Also, I needed to add water to my intake each day. I read that you need to drink half your weight in ounces of water each day. Let’s just say I’m working toward it. It is hard for me to increase my water intake. But I have made a conscious effort to drink water before meals…especially when eating out.

I knew I needed to have an eating plan that is flexible (I cheat) and doesn’t involve being hungry. I added several things that I feel I can eat anytime of the day because they are filling and natural foods. One of these items is Ezekiel Bread. I thought it was pretty rough looking when I first found it in the Krogers health food freezer section. But I have realized that I love the toast. I spread All Fruit on it and I can barely eat one slice sometimes. Sprouted bread it very dense and filling. When you toast the Sesame Ezekiel bread and spread the fruit on it, it’s crunchy and quite satisfying. I found this actually cured my carb cravings..and Ezekiel Bread is all protein! I also eat almonds, walnuts and sometimes popcorn made in a pot! I read the ingredients of microwave popcorn. It was very upsetting. I gave up margarine, shaking in a little melted butter was right on time. If the liver metabolizes food and also detoxifies the toxins we put in our mouths, it’s no wonder mine never had anytime to burn fat!

Since I gave up artificial sweeteners, wheat and processed foods (like frozen diet entrees), I have lost 6 pounds in 10 days! Pretty good for someone who believed they could not lose weight. And the funny thing is, I did not measure or count one thing! I just wrote down what I ate everyday.   It did entail cooking with natural foods like sweet potatoes, broccoli, all kinds of meats, vegetables and fruits…but I’m learning to love my cookbook and the internet. Now I will have to become more organized in order to stay well fed. Look at that, two birds with one stone!

Stay tuned if you want to see how this story plays out!

Travel the Globe With Good Friends

I have always been a huge fan of leisure travel. It’s exploring new and adventurous cultures, exotic foods, beautiful sunsets and luscious powdery beaches.  What is not to like about that?

But in 2007 I had the good fortune to stumble into a gold mine of Vacation treasure.  And my vacations have never been the same!

Cabo San Lucas Dreamtrip

If you had told me that one day I would join a vacation club, I would have been the first to shake my head and say, “Never happen.”  But a friend of mine introduced me to Dreamtrips.  Maybe you have heard of them, or maybe you haven’t.  Even though they have members all around the globe, most people have still not heard of this elite group of travelers.  And that’s a shame because they pride themselves on being one of the few luxury clubs that even the working class Joe can afford.  I mean who can’t afford a $69 cruise?  They offer one every month on one of the hottest cruise ships in the Atlantic Ocean.

For more information about Dreamtrips, be sure to watch this beautiful VIDEO about the membership.

But the prices aren’t the only thing that makes this membership irresistible.  What sets them apart is their “fun factor”.    Because there are no words that can adequately explain how much fun it is to be a Dreamtripper.   Yes, that is what they call themselves.  Plus each wears a rubber bracelet that identifies them as a club member on that specific vacation. Pick out a vacation and become a Dreamtrips member today!

What makes this membership different is that the vacationers are really excited about meeting up with people they have never met before from every part of the globe.  And they are already a part of a happy vacation community.   Plus, they feel confident about the destinations because each has been investigated before their trip.   And all they had to do was click a button to book one or more of these over 500 prepackaged vacations each year.

If you need a vacation today, but just can’t get away…  Click on This! Ahhhh!  Feel relaxed yet?  If not, maybe you should watch it again.  Feel the water lapping against your skin?  Feel the coolness of that free icy drink in your hand?  Yes, I love that video.

You deserve a break today… so just book it and get away.   And I will see you on the beaches of the world!