The Benefits of the TEN Sprays

Since I have started taking the sprays, my blood pressure has dropped more than 40 points.  My energy level is higher than I can ever remember it being in my adult life. And I am able to sleep for the first time since I have been menopausal. But I’m not the only one who is reporting great results… listen to these testimonies about the sprays…

The Testimonies

It’s the absorption rate!  The body is now able to absorb the vitamins and supplements because of the intra-Oral delivery system. Look at what it says in the Physician’s Desk Reference about intra-oral absorption.

The PDR Absorption Rates



And honestly, if someone had told me this was going to happen, I would have never believed it.  I’ve seen pictures of people who have changed sizes in a short time.  But they usually are young women or men, and I am 56 years old.

So I would just laugh about it every time I would see one of those ads.  Because honestly, I used to be a size 6.  But that was a long time ago.  The SLIM by TEN spray has Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean, African Mango and Green Tea extract. And because it is in an intra-oral spray.. you feel it absorb with in 3 seconds in your mouth.  The molecular structure of an intra-oral spray is different from any other liquid.  It absorbs into your buccal mucosa membrane. You can learn more about these in the Spray of Health TEN Store.


The TEN Oral Vitamin Sprays
The TEN Oral Vitamin Sprays

Truth be told, I used to just barely have enough energy to walk for 30 minutes. Looking back on that now, that is pretty sad.  But it wasn’t but a few months ago.

Plus, my doctor had prescribed Vitamin D3 for me because I was vitamin deficient back a few years ago.  But now I spray Vitamin D3 twice a day.  My Vitamin D level has gone up from 22 to 58.   And I believe that this is the part of the change that is visibly clear now.  It reminds me of the fountain of youth.  I feel as though I have turned back time.

The TEN Oral Sprays
Purchase the TEN Oral Sprays

The most popular spray is the B Boost.  And it should be, everyone needs extra energy for the day. I call it the “Happy Spray”, because I have noticed that it seems to cause people to smile the first time they take it.  It is the strangest thing.  The active ingredient of the B vitamin spray is methylcobalamin. There are no added sugars or fillers in these sprays.  And each tube of spray has 240 sprays. That is a 30 day supply if you do 8 sprays a day.

The second most popular spray is the SLIM by TEN, because of this countries life long obsession with being slender and young looking.  It has a very strong appetite suppressant in it.  So it works well for those who are already on a diet regimen…but are failing miserably. It also enhances your metabolism so that you can lose the weight faster.

These were the main 2 sprays that helped me to lose weight. But my problem was also that I had bad health. My blood pressure was very high, I was on a prescription,I have inherited anemia, and I am going through menopause.  So besides losing weight, I also had to correct my other body problems to be able to lose weight.   The Vitamin D spray did this for me. My health has never been so good!

When my vitamin D level went up, my blood pressure went down and a  couple of weeks ago, my doctor took me off of my Lisinipril prescription.  Because in his words, “120/80 , can’t ask for better than that.”  I’m now “drug free”.

And I also feel pretty confident about my health. I had been reading about how Vitamin D deficiency sets you up for all kinds of chronic diseases.  I love the site  It tells you about Vitamin D research across the world!  Since my mother died of cancer at 60 years old and my brother at 18, I have always worried about it.  But now, I don’t worry about catching any of the dreaded chronic diseases.  I take all 5 sprays.  And I love the life I’m living!  You can read more about the spray on my Online Store.





















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