Why The Sprays Are So Popular

I haven’t been able to keep the TEN intra-oral sprays on hand lately. As soon as I get them they sell online or to someone in my local area that knows I have them. The reason why is because they work.

And my friends know I would never sell something that doesn’t work. But even still, they are such a great bargain. I sell the 30 day supply or 240 spray tubes. The serving size is 8 sprays a day or 4 in the morning and 4 at night. We retail them for less than $1 a day. Plus we offer a wholesale membership to those who use the sprays regularly.

The reason that the TEN sprays work so well is because of the intra-oral absorbancy. Intra-oral sprays absorb in the side of your cheek, also known as the buccal mucosa membrane. For this reason alone, they are the most effective way to take a vitamin or supplement.
Look at the chart below:  The PDR Absorption Rates

The reason that so many people don’t get results with pills is because the pills have to go through the digestive system. Plus pills are covered with binders that are often hard dissolve. Vitamin B12 and Glutathione have to be injected normally to be effective. Those injections are both painful and very inconvenient because they done in a clinic. Our Vitamins can be taken at your convenience anytime of the day or night. People who have had problems with the garcinia cambogia pills, don’t have to worry about whether our spray will get into their system.


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