SLIM by TEN is the Diet Oral Spray!

Every year I watch my friends and family try to lose those unwanted pounds by doing crazy diets and fasts.  This year I’ve got a diet tool (Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean) that works and will help them to finally succeed.  You don’t know how glad I am!

The key to weight loss is not always discipline. But, no matter what program you are on, your personal behavior is what defines your success.  I think most of the time it’s the carbohydrates and artificial sugars that people eat that makes their appetites voracious to the point of no control.   But getting rid of those cravings is really not that easy.  Ten has two products that help with appetite though.

The first one is TRIM by TEN.  This is a quick 2 minute video about it. TRIM by TEN

diet-weight-loss-appetite-skinny-supplement TRIM Testimony 2 Trim testimony 4

I’ve seen people fail at the most popular diets because they have hunger that is fighting them with every bite.   The secret to my success with weight loss is that I now know I am no longer hungry.  I feel confident about all eating situations.  And I know I finally have that “control” I once worried about every day.  Of course, I keep my spray on me or or in close proximity at all times for unexpected events.

The second product is the SLIM by TEN spray.  It is an intra-oral spray that when you spray it properly… (4 sprays to the inside of the cheek …the buccal mucosa membrane).  This will instantly allow you to stop thinking about those donuts and french fries..and finally have the power to say, “I probably shouldn’t eat that pizza”  or maybe ” I should only eat one slice of that pizza!” It really is a matter of what your expectations are.  I tell everyone that if you make your expectations something that is really attainable and you work on a long term goal, you can’t help but succeed.  A thirty day supply of SLIM by TEN spray can be purchased at the Spray of Health  Store to help you get started and stay with the diet plan you picked out.

Think about it.  If you lose just 1 lb a week for the whole year… that would be a loss of at least 50 lbs.   Or 25 lbs by the summer.  And one lb is a very attainable goal by just eating normally.

Everyone should of course consult their doctors before going on any diet regimen. And because this particular spray takes away the desire to eat…. I would advise following a sensible eating plan from your doctor while using the spray.

I have observed that most people who write down what they are going to eat for the day, will start to lose pounds with the SLIM by TEN.   Because not only does it boost their metabolism, it also gives them the willpower to follow their own eating plan and stay within their correct portion range!   It really is all about portion control when it comes to changing your eating behavior for the long term.


SLIM by TEN pic

SLIM by TEN contains Green Tea Extract, African Mango, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia.

 These are the very popular ingredients that the media have been talking about for the last couple of years.  Look at this popular video about the TEN Spray ingredients.

The Media Discussions

 If you have any questions, I welcome and answer comments about the sprays. Much Success with your Health!

If you are interested in purchasing the 4 vitamins sprays… here is a link to my store.  The TEN Sprays






21 thoughts on “SLIM by TEN is the Diet Oral Spray!”

  1. Hi Sid…
    The SLIM and the B Boost do not cause you to become jittery. There is no added caffeine or sugar. They are all natural products. 30 day supply of spray.
    SLIM contains Garcinia Cambogia, African Mango, Green Coffee Bean extract, and Green Tea Extract. These are extracts.
    The B Boost contains all natural B vitamins… B-12, B-6, and B3. I suggest using both products if you need to lose more than 15lbs. And
    if you need to lose more than 30lbs, I would suggest also getting the Vitamin D3. Because people who are carrying more than 30lbs of extra
    weight are usually also having health problems from Vitamin D deficiency. The health problems will probably hinder your weight loss. I would ask
    your doctor to check you for deficiency, if you have not done so already. Dr. Oz says that you should be at least a level of 50.

  2. Hi vicki,

    I just wan to know if it’s safe for me to do the slim spray even if I’m breastfeeding my son. Thanks

  3. Hi Janel,
    The SLIM has all natural products in it…. no drugs or sugar. Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, African Mango, Caralluma Fimbriata and Green Tea Extract. So even though I think it is safe… ask your doctor for sure.

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