The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight!

A doctor once told me that most women who weigh themselves everyday… don’t lose much weight in the long run. Why? He said that weighing yourself is like weighing a glass of water (it seems we are mostly water). When you consider that you are mostly water…what do you think affects your weight the most? You guessed it, how much water you retain. So  every time that little needle on the scale moves forward, you think that you have gained fat!  I suggest weighing in only once a week, if you must weigh in.

Why is it when we lose weight… we call it water weight, but when we gain weight we call it fat? Personally,  I put my scale in the trunk of my car!  That way, I know where it is… but I never go out and get it. Especially in the morning.  It’s a very hard habit to break. But I can tell you that my life really changed when I started using other methods to measure my fat loss.

The reason I’m writing this article is because people are constantly asking me how much weight I lost.  This picture shows that obviously I have changed size.    Honestly, I don’t weigh myself very often. My doctor does every time I go into to see him.  According to him, I have lost 16 lbs.

Unfortunately, you won’t look any smaller with water loss. But when you lose even a pound of will actually take up less space.   So pull out those clothes that are just a little too small… and get to work.  I used Garcinia Cambogia intra-oral spray to make my liver cooperate. The spray absorbs where the pills tend to sit in your stomach.  I know this because I tried the pills once myself years ago.   Learn how Garcinia Cambogia works…  I love Dr. Chin’s way of explaining this.  TEN Channel

My favorite thing is to go shopping for new clothes. If I see something I like, I purposely try on a size smaller and I keep coming back until it fits.  This works really well with jeans. Plus honestly, I think it is more gratifying than anything to get into clothes you couldn’t get in before.

The good news is… there is an extract that comes from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit that actually blocks the production of fat. So your body has to use the fat stores you already have.  Really!  Look at this video by Dr. Chin and Dr. Oz about Garcinia Cambogia.  They will actually show you how the extract blocks the fat production.  The Garcinia Cambogia Video.

Whenever I want to lose weight, I take my  physical measurements. You see most people won’t do that… why?  Maybe the idea is just foreign. Second, I try on clothes that are tight or don’t zip….   If you are like me, you would rather lose the size….  I went down from size 12 to size 8!

Before and Afterou know, I almost passed out when I squeezed into a size S/CH Jones New York dress the other day. OMG… ! Yes, it is in my closet now.  In fact, here is a picture of the tag..yes, I’m proud…  It’s an awesome dress!

photoIf you have more than 20lbs to lose… I would suggest getting your Vitamin D3 level checked to make sure it is at least 45 (out of a 100). Why? Vitamin D3 regulates up to 2000 cells in the body. That is 1/12 the human genome.  You may not know this, but you must be healthy to lose weight.  A vitamin D deficiency can keep you from getting healthy.  It also can set you up for chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  So no matter what ask your doctor’s office what your Vitamin D level is.  They tend to test us and give us pills for this.  77 percent of the people in the US are Vitamin D3 deficient, because we avoid the sun. And you can’t get enough vitamin D from milk.  The doctors quietly test us for Vitamin D…and when we are under the level of 30, they put us on vitamin D pills.    This vitamin affects everything from high-blood pressure, heart disease, breast and colon cancer as well as Lupus and other auto-immune diseases. Unfortunately, because the pills are not very affective, they have to give us a high dose of the pills.  I was on Vitamin D pills for 3 years…and my level never went over 30.  I used the intra-oral Vitamin D3 spray for 60 days and my level went up to 58.  Plus my blood pressure went down 40 points!  No one has to convince me to use the D3 spray. I believe it is a life saver. Being in better health has allowed my body to go back to to it’s original state, I look like a younger person now.

If you don’t sleep through the night, you also may need the Super TEN spray to help you relax.   My daughter says this supplement is what helped her to lose weight. Because your body metabolizes while you are at rest or asleep.  Most people think its when they are working out that they lose weight. But your liver function and rest are the key elements to losing weight.  Plus, without sleep, most people are hungry the whole next day.


If you need energy to work out… you should try the B12 spray.  I carry it with me when I’m walking, just in case I get tired before I make it back home.  And if you are on a diet that is hard to stay on, maybe you are using Weight Watchers on Jenny Craig; I would suggest SLIM for appetite suppression.  It really is great for helping you stay on a diet or even a healthy eating regimen.

The most important way to lose weight is to actually eat real whole food.   Your liver can process foods that it recognizes.  Yet so many women I talk to believe they can fool their bodies into thinking that all they need are shakes, artificial sweeteners, and processed food.  Artificial sweeteners actually will make me crave more food.   And fake food does not fool the body.  Treat your body better than your car…only use real fuel!

In any case, I wish you much success with your fat-loss endeavors.  Just remember, that the key to overall weight loss… is getting healthy!  If you have any questions, this blog sends me a notice if you use the comment feature.

10 thoughts on “The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight!”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    I placed another order for the four pack. I want one of each. I will give it a chance for 3 months before I see if it is something that works for me.

  2. Low carb = low cal. That’s why it works. Plain and simple. When you remvoe one whole macronutrient from your plate, you reduce your calories by approx 1/3rd. Was nothing to do with food type. You can lose weight eating pasta, or rice, or yams. So long as you run a calorie deficit. I eat lean protein, carbs, fat. I just eat less and I exercise more. I lost 30 lbs in 4 months and kept it off 2 yrs now. Eat from smaller plates. Ur eyes see a full plate, but ur eating less. Go walking too

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