Weight Gain During a Cruise

If you vacation as much as I do, sooner or later you start to worry about the pounds that are so easy to pick up during a 7 night cruise or a 4 day all-inclusive. Both activities involve lots of unnecessary eating and foods that you don’t normally have in your pantry.

On this last Southern Caribbean cruise I realized that Chateaubriand is not a normal food menu item in my life. It is really delicious though. I can say that with all honesty, I was not about to pass up trying it on my cruise. Because, really when you think about it, a cruise is all about new experiences and excursions away from your ordinary life.

That being said, there is also a tremendous amount of walking, standing,climbing and sometimes running while on vacation. If you are not doing more than your normal activity level at home, than you really must be totally exhausted when you started your experience. But you know, there is nothing like a beautiful new scenery to motivate you to action. This is one of the pictures from the Southern Caribbean island of St. Maarten.


St. Maarten at Philipsburg
St. Maarten at the beach of Philipsburg

And even though I was not interested in getting into the water when this trip started out, I found myself very tempted to go out in the waves when we got to St. Thomas.

Magens Bay at St. Thomas
Magens Bay at St. Thomas

But I digress. I’m back to the weight that I was before I went on the cruise. And believe it or not, I gained 7 lbs while I was gone. Yes, you said it, one pound for every night of the cruise. Actually considering I ate all meals plus room service, I’m shocked it wasn’t 10. But that goes along with what I’m trying to say. If you are being active while you are eating, you are probably not going to hold on to that extra weight when you get home. Personally I find that the added activity has a lingering affect when I get home. That seems to be an easier time for me to go walking and to the gym. It’s like the vacation conditions you to do more activity during the day.

My advice to you is that you not worry so much about what you are eating, and worry more about what you are doing. If you walk at home normally, you will probably enjoy walking around the track or pool area while you are docked or floating at sea. Personally, being stuck in the gym was not for me. I liked being out with the crowd and walking on the track..fluttering in the pool…etc. But every chance you get, walk on the beach. I promise you, you will get a leg work out like no other. The next day you will notice. Beach sand tends to work out muscles you don’t ordinarily use. And I always have an urge to feel the waves lap up against my ankles.

Then when you get home, go back to your normal eating routine. I didn’t diet when I got home. I just forced myself to eat the amounts and at the times that I normally eat. I have found that if I do this, after two weeks or less, I go right back to my normal weight.

So what am I saying? Stop worrying. Get out there and have some fun!

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